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Outsourced IT Services in Miami

As a leader in the IT industry Telx Computer has been providing high level outsourced it services throughout Miami FL for nearly a decade. Our outsourcing services has helped expand our clients IT capabilities as needed with...

What does IT support offer your business?

For a business to operate successfully it is necessary for them to have an IT support system that makes sure that their equipment is working at a good speed and their data is completely secure without any doubt on reliability. ...

Miami is the Most Important Tech Hub of Latin America

Entrepreneurs and investors are trying to make Miami and South Florida the next big U.S. tech hub – but, it may take a while. (more…)

Common Network Security Failure Points

How Secure is Your Network? Have you ever noticed that tech guys tend to lead with the same questions? Well there's a reason for that. Certain points within your network are notorious for failing time and time again. These...

The importance of security policies in the work place.

Security is one of those things that frequently gets forgotten about in most networks, this is because you never have to think about it until something has happened. It is very important to have an EAP (Emergency Action Plan) for ...

Protect Valuable Business Information with Data Back-up and Recovery

Data recovery is a process in which certain software is used to retrieve data from a storage device such as a hard drive, memory card, or pen drive. Data retrieval may be necessary if a hard drive crashes suddenly, the data is...

Windows XP discontinued

Microsoft is finally discontinuing Windows XP across the globe. Support will definitely end by April 8th, 2014. Windows XP is 14 years old and is completely outdated. It represents a liability to businesses since it is a security ...

Benefits of Hiring an IT Company

Technology is changing constantly, whether it is the recent updates of the software that have already been installed, patches or troubleshoot problem related to help desk request. These IT advancements occupy the maximum time of...

Miami Tech Support Company Offers SMB Exchange at Affordable Price

Microsoft Exchange and its client application Outlook are the world's most popular business professional email messaging applications popularly used by large companies and enterprises around the globe. Typically, Microsoft...

Data That Keeps Making A Comeback

When it comes to IT problems, every employee’s worst nightmare is the loss of invaluable data. These days, many companies rely on keeping a great deal of their information contained within electronic files. These are typically...