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Telx’s IT Outsourcing Services

Telx Computers IT outsourcing services is a great solution to answer a business’s daily IT needs. Tasking a specific project or service, like tech support, customer help desk functions, and on-site maintenance to a third-party provider is fairly common. According to IT Management, many companies outsource technical staff, hardware or infrastructure access, or other capabilities that would be otherwise inaccessible to their business. Telx Computers clients can expect tireless dedication in resolving IT issues quickly, with minimum downtime and expense. Outsourced IT Support, IT Service Provider


Telx is an IT Service Provider in Miami that can provide your enterprise with many benefits. From our onsite technician support to email support, phone support and remote support, Telx has a broad range outsourced IT support. Service ticket submissions, proactive support, daily server back up checks, domain & email hosting, after hours emergency support (additional changes may apply) as well as MS Office training & troubleshooting.


Telx is well-versed when it comes to server maintenance, which includes our engineers working remotely on your machines, server & workstation software updates on Windows operating systems, server & network monitoring and doing antivirus updates.

Key Benefits

On Site Technician Support

When a situation cannot be resolved remotely, Telx will schedule a site visit from one of our IT service professionals. 5 hours monthly are Included within your Outsourced IT Support and Services package.

E-Mail Support/Unlimited

Our IT Support Miami team is available 24/7 through our email system, we welcome you to email us as many times with any questions or concerns, we will open a service ticket and contact you if needed to resolve the issue.

Phone Support

Need to talk to someone? No problem! Enjoy unlimited access to our engineers any day.

Remote Support

In just 2 minutes, our Remote Network Support team can connect to your workstation and troubleshoot with you. One click and we will share your screen. Yes, that quick!

Service Ticket Submission

Service ticket submission is easy. You can email us, call us, or use our website, Just click on “Support Ticket” on the top right corner, enter your information and our IT Maintenance staff will contact you to resolve the issue.

Proactive Support

As one of the leading IT Service Provider, we actively monitor your server and network to help minimize your down time and crashes. Our proactive support maintenance ensures we get the problem BEFORE it gets to you.

Daily Server Back Up Check

Every morning, our IT staff will monitor and verify that the backup from the night before was completed successfully on your server.

Domain & E-Mail Hosted

Our mail servers are secured with the latest spam control and anti-virus scans, to make sure emails will get to you clean and spam free. One FREE domain and POP hosted email server is included in every IT support services package.

MS Office Training & Troubleshooting

Telx is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Office specialist, we will troubleshoot with any Microsoft office product you have or answer any questions about your office products.

After Hours Emergency Support

After hours support is available through our automated phone system after 6:30pm Monday-Friday, and on weekends. Our after hours support technician will assist you in case of an emergency. (Additional charges may apply)

Monthly Server Maintenance

One of our engineers will connect remotely to your server and make sure that your server is secure, that your hardware and software are running with no errors and of course that it has enough disk space to run your business continuously.

Server & Workstation Windows Update

Windows updates are essential to run your operating system safe and secure. We will schedule with you to run and install updates as they are available form Microsoft corporation.

Network & Servers Monitoring

Our state of the art monitoring system and command center is available to all our valuable customers. Anyone can say they monitor your network for you, but the Telx Computers monitoring system is an entirely different experience.

Regular AntiVirus Updates

It is important to regularly update anti-virus software. As viruses get pushed to the web, our Technicians will alert and contact you to have those updates installed.