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Common Network Security Failure Points

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Common Network Security Failure Points

How Secure is Your Network?

Have you ever noticed that tech guys tend to lead with the same questions? Well there’s a reason for that. Certain points within your network are notorious for failing time and time again. These network security failure points have nothing to do with your network, per se. Connections and elements that are subject to external factors are weak points in all systems. So your tech guy might not be reading from a script when he asks you to check your connections, for example. He, in fact, wants to eliminate the common security failure points so that he can get to network security failure pointsthe root of the problem the fastest way possible.


Ports Protected?

Having a network firewall is a must in this day and age. However, how effective is that firewall if it was improperly chosen or configured? There are thousands of ports through which a hacker could access the system – are those protected?

Malware can also be introduced through other avenues – such as email, a USB port, or an infected website. A firewall alone cannot protect a computer from these threats.

Common Network Security Failure Points

  • Database connection
  • Website connection
  • Configuration file
  • Network resource
  • Registry key

The Real Security Threat

While all this emphasis on hardware and software security it important, it is not the most important. According Dr. Pattinson, a research fellow in the University of Adelaide’s Business School, failure to incorporate security awareness in company culture is the biggest threat to a business’ network:

“While high-quality hardware and software plays a critical role in the security of an organization, there is now a growing body of research that suggests the behaviors of computer users can be one of the biggest threats to an organization’s information security.”

“For example, the best password processed by the most sophisticated software, using the latest in computer facilities becomes useless when the password is written on a sticky note and stuck on a monitor for easy access,” Dr. Pattinson notes.

Keeping security protocol is important not only online, but increasingly, is necessary in the workplace. Although most organizations have secure bins where documents can be shredded of, it is still up to individuals to dispose of them correctly.

A Thorough Security Policy

Organizations must constantly update their security policy to deal with the growing security threats in cyberspace. Furthermore, it is important to have a team that can respond the second there are security-related issues.

Reactive (vs. Proactive) Network Management

Unfortunately, network management has become a reactive discipline, with companies only paying attention when a crisis emerges. Too many organizations do not utilize their tools internal to their network components so that they can be proactive in this area. Critical network areas can be highlighted by the acronym FCAPS: Fault management, Configuration management, Accounting management, Performance management, Security management.

Review Emerging Technology

This is not to suggest that a complete overhaul is necessary every time new technology is announced, rather, it is an opportunity to assess whether emerging technologies can help scale your existing network efficiencies or streamline business goals. You can start with a pilot program for a cost-benefit analysis of new technology.

Before Contacting IT Support…

Delete Cookies & Empty Your Cache

Too many cookies can make you fat, and similarly, create a slow internet speed. It is important to clear your cookies and empty your cache periodically, so that your user experience can remain fast.

Quick Computer Restart 

Your computer can benefit from periodic restarts, as suddenly-slow computing can be traced to a “tired” computer.

Not a Telx Computers IT Support Member?

The benefit of having managed IT support is that you don’t have to think or figure out your IT issues, we do that for you. Having a team of dedicated support professionals managing your network security, and fixing any failure points, is a necessary step for a successful organization. Telx’s reputation for delivering comprehensive network solutions to your team ensures protection of your data and recovery of your system in the event of an attack.

To learn how we can expand the scope of your network’s data solutions, contact a representative today.