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Telx Computers, one of the most trusted IT Companies in Miami offers full time computer IT support and targeted outsourced information technology services. Today IT services companies appreciate our timely data storage solutions. Ask us to assist your company in managing and securing technology resources more effectively. We supply both remote and Miami-based computer it services.


Do you require spam protection or enhanced firewall security for your network? Contact us as your IT service provider! We supply assistance configuring computer services, safeguarding data, and troubleshooting online problems and concerns. If your firm sustains a data loss incident, we’ll help you recover faster. Resume your business operations quickly and efficiently again with our help.


We Offer a variety of IT Solutions, here are few of the most popular services:

Cloud IT Support

As IT Companies, the recent advancements in the field of communication and information technology, businesses have to stay at...

Outsourced IT Support (Small - Mid size Business)

Telx Computers outsourced IT support is a great solution to answer a business’s...

Business IT Solutions (Enterprises)

Large corporations’ demand immediate service, which requires an onsite IT...

Server Monitoring System

Telx Computers is proud to introduce to you our state of the art server monitoring system and command center.

Pro-Active Network Security

Telx Computers partners with the elite security providers to bring the best options for firewall network security.

IT Service Quality Control

We provide the best quality IT Service with minimum response time while having most competitive rates

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About Telx Computers

Telx’s full-service IT outsourcing expands our clients’ IT capabilities as needed with exceptional service. We offer proactive, fixed-price support programs that keep your IT spending under control and deliver proactive network monitoring and support. Servers scheduled maintenance is a vital part of a business life cycle. Yes, we offer that too! The environmental and social challenges we face in the world today require creativity and collaboration to overcome.


Information technology (IT) plays a key role in addressing many of the challenges we confront. At Telx, we enable people to tackle these issues with the innovative use of IT. At Telx, we maximize the value of your IT investments by building a resilient information infrastructure that requires skilled technical professionals to transform products into IT solutions; that address your business challenges. One of the many things Telx implements as a vital stage for building a relationship with its clients was the IT Service membership packages. These packages are delivered to the customer by 3 layers and depending on the necessity of each client’s industry, the client can choose the right level that fits their business. Building the trust relationship throughout the membership packages between Telx and every client, was one the greatest innovation to the start of Telx.

Whether you need immediate help or are seeking an affordable and dependable IT Company in Miami, Telx is here for you. With the best technical staff, certified technical support consultants and engineers, we have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any IT challenge that you may have – quickly and efficiently. We have a reputation for taking a proactive approach to IT services, which means we address potential issues before they become problems.


We address potential issues before they become problems.


On-site Services puts a team of experts in your office when you need them in a guarantee of 3 hours, from the moment you place the service call. That is why Telx is the top IT Companies in Miami.


24×7 Help Desk Services with High-quality remote support— every hour of every day when you need us, we are a phone call away.


Cloud Services with A full suite of online IT services in Miami, we are secure and always available for you 24/7 365; with top layer of backup system for emergency situations

What we deliver:

  • Maximized efficiency of client’s IT needs.
  • Reduced risk and minimal system downtime during data and system migration.
  • Minimized impact to service levels during upgrades.
  • Manage your information infrastructure through cost-effective, 24×7 intelligent remote monitoring and management based on defined service level objectives.
  • Cost effective, yet excellent IT service delivery and support.

A full suite of IT cloud services:


Maximized efficiency of client's IT needs.

Reduced Risk

Reduced risk and system downtime during data and system migration.

Minimized impact

Minimized impact to service levels during upgrades.

24/7 monitoring

Cost-effective, 24/7 intelligent remote monitoring and management.

Help Desk Services

24/7 Help Desk Services with high-quality computer repair service and remote support.

Superior Service

Superior IT service delivery and support.

Team of experts

On-site services that can have team of experts in your office when you need them- 3 hour guarantee from the moment you place the service call.

Emergency Backup

Redundant emergency backup systems

Call Center

Telx Computers has a world class call center

available during business hours

We pride ourselves in our quick response time – less than one minute for support calls

We provide daily server monitoring to over 400 servers, both onsite and at the data center

Our sophisticated CRM tracks all of our users’ needs and our priority scheduling ensures that our clients technical issues are addressed quickly.

2 m

current hold time for a technician

3 h

average on site same day service

In-House Tech Services

  • In-house Website Design Team

    • Web design and development
    • Custom web applications development
    • Search Engine Optimization
    • PPC and Paid Campaign

  • Cloud Dedicated Servers

    • Web sites hosting service
    • Dedicated Servers Hosting
    • Virtual machines Hosting
    • Managed Services and Cloud Computing

  • Hosted VoIP Services

    • PBX support and hosting
    • VOIP service and support
    • Data traffic analysis
    • Phone systems programming


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Telx’s promise to the Technology marketplace is unquestionably bold: our Solving Forward philosophy, Telx provides unparalleled service and exceptional support. But, as thousands of companies all over the nation will attest, it is a promise we have delivered the service on time and time again. Here are just some of the well-known and well-respected organizations that have discovered unprecedented simplicity, scalability and cost reduction with Telx Technology solutions: