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If your business is effected by the ransomware virus: call our hotline 786.885.4101

Protect your business from ransomware

Running a business is hard enough without having to deal with hackers or employees who click on everything. But don’t worry, Telx has a security solution that fits your unique needs, letting you focus on business.


The most common way to fight ransomware is to install comprehensive antivirus and anti-malware programs on your systems. This is because they can detect and mitigate threats in real time. At Telx IT HelpDesk, we monitor every workstation of our client, our team will receive alerts for every hacking attempt, infection, or even detect silent trojan installation. In the event a workstation is infected, our monitoring tools will shut down the device according to specific rules we set ahead of time, to prevent major infection to the network and servers.

    Protect your business

    Our industry leading protection includes automated machine learning and anti-ransomware technology to keep your company’s computers safe from advanced infections, even ransomware. Point and click threat eradication removes infections from devices, and keeps your business humming.

    Backup Technology

    At Telx, we have invested a tremendous amount of time reinventing the state of the art backup Technology using Veeam shadow copy. Our IT engineers monitors and receive alerts in case of a failed backup job. If an advanced threat like ransomware evades and encrypts data, up to 72 hours of ransomware rollback allows you to control time and rollback to a healthy state.

    Manages Services & Monitoring

    Infections can spread rapidly; utilizing attack isolation allows for lock down of infected devices to stop threats in their tracks. Our job as your managed service provider is to insure your network will remain clean and isolated. Every endpoint device will report to our cloud console in real time, keeping us ahead of cybercriminals.

    Avi Vaknin, Telx’s CEO