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Full Time Managed IT Support Services in Miami

Large corporations’ demand immediate service, which requires an onsite IT administrator. Telx Computers Enterprise Businesses strategy provides proactive and direct support with their Managed IT Support Services. Telx Enterprise businesses solutions include full-time, on-site support with a full IT backbone infrastructure, unlike Shared Support where a corporation has to share IT staff with others. The key benefits are listed below. Telx managed IT Support Services include large projects, which include the extra support that you need. Our full-time onsite technicians can help you answer many remote support inquiries, reducing your downtime, expediting large projects as well as completing daily tasks. Telx Computers also supplies replacement technician who knows your company’s current network, IT routines and daily/weekly tasks. Telx Managed Services Miami also covers the hiring of technicians, training, customized packages, state-of-the-art software IT knowledge and infrastructure. When it comes to managed IT services Miami, our company director provides daily tasks, monthly or quarterly reports concerning your company’s essential projects.

Key Benefits

Large Projects

Telx Computers’ Managed IT Support Services provides the additional support needed the full time onsite technician, such as sending extra technicians to the site and answering multiple remote support requests, to help minimize downtime and expedite large projects while maintaining daily IT tasks.


Every IT Admin needs time off or an occasional sick day. Telx will supply a replacement technician that is familiar with the current network, daily IT routines and tasks. Your business will always stay with the support it deserves!


Telx will prescreen applicants to ensure each candidate has the knowledge to supply you with the right solutions. Once we feel we have found the right fit, we will then meet with your management team to make sure that there is the right chemistry. Telx will also supply your company with a transitional IT admin, so that a day doesn’t go by without Onsite IT support.


Telx will provide a full detailed training and an overview of your network infrastructure to any new IT personnel. Whether you hire from within or not, your management team will not have to waste time on bringing the IT admin up to date.

Customized Packages

Every company, like every person, is different. We will build a package that best suits your company, according to your budget.

One tech, many minds

Enjoy the confidence of a fulltime onsite IT support knowing each technician is backed by Telx Computer’s years of IT knowledge. The technician in your office will be able to brainstorm and consult as needed with the Telx IT staff.

Parts Replacement

Telx full IT lab that is equipped with top of the line parts ready for all of your IT needs. We have all off the software, hardware, and tools needed for any IT request, hardware issue, or upgrade that your company may have.

Software Infrastructure

Telx has invested efforts to provide the latest IT software needed to run an IT business. Your IT administrator will always be connected and have full access to Telx’s IT Help Desk ticket system and Server Monitoring system.

Daily tasks and projects

Our IT Director will provide him with daily tasks and projects to make sure your network is always well maintained and organized. We will provide monthly or quarterly reports on maintenance projects.