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Telx Computers Announces Reaching 10,000 IT Support Users

Telx Computers Announces Reaching 10,000 IT Support Users

Telxcomputers, the Miami’s favorite  Information Technology service company, is proud to announce their success in reaching 10,000 IT users. Telxcomputers full-service IT outsourcing expands their clients’ IT capabilities as needed with exceptional service by offering a proactive, fixed-price support programs that keep their IT spending under control, while delivering proactive network monitoring and support.
As a leading computer repair services provider for small businesses, Telx recommends on five questions every small business should ask when choosing an IT provider.

Do they understand the business and technology? A business needs a provider who already works with similar businesses and knows the technology, software, and which hardware to use.

Is the provider able to provide support remotely, on-site and how fast? While it may seem comforting to have a technician physically come to the office with tools in hand, the convenience and speed of remote service and support is invaluable. Remote support is faster and more efficient.

Do they work nights, weekends, 24/7? When does the business most need service and help? If it’s retail, hospitality, transportation, or any other business where 9-to-5 doesn’t apply, it is better to deal with a provider who is available 24/7.A provider who is daylight-only may increase prices for after-hours and holiday support.

Do they offer preventive, proactive help? It’s always best to have a relationship with an IT provider before something happens, someone who knows the network already. When a network crashes or the computers go dark, that is not the time to start hunting for help. Second, it is good to know what preventive services they provide, to help spot potential problems before something breaks. This can involve scanning the computers for rogue code, troubleshooting the network and testing it for performance issues.

How do they charge, what do they provide? While it may seem prudent to arrange for support on an a la carte basis, only when something breaks, that practice can be unpredictable and costly. Which can be especially irritating when the problem could have been prevented. Or a simple question could have been answered in no time. A better option, more and more common, is an all-inclusive monthly subscription fee – either per user or for the entire business. Depending on the provider, this monthly fee can include whatever immediate services may be required, along with some combination of proactive and preventive services that can include performance tests, scanning for viruses and malware, along with data back-up, hosting or other ancillary services.

About – Telxcomputers, Miami pc repair company, are striving to provide the best quality service with minimum response time while having most competitive rates. Their trained team of professionals is available On-site and remotely for their customers to answer any question and provide solutions anytime they need. On-site Services sends out a team of experts when the customer needs them in a guarantee of 3 hours, from the moment client places the service call. That is what makes Telx stand out in their computer support programs. Telx uses their state-of-the-art ticket system to keep track of all support issues that may arise to ensure a complete paper trail for all parties.

Telx offers 24×7 Help Desk Services with High-quality remote support every hour of every day when needed, Telx is a phone call away. Cloud Services with full suite of online pc tech support, Telx’s data center is secure and always available 24/7 with top layer of backup system for emergencies.TelxComp FB (6)