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From start-ups to giant corporations, employing great IT into your business offers major benefits. And when you own a business in Aventura, you need to be able to cater to the high-end clientele that operates within the city.

In this sophisticated business environment, “you are the company you keep,” and proper IT will provide efficiency you and your clients can feel. Telx Computers strives to provide the ideal IT service for Aventura business owners, seeking the ability to scale when growth occurs.

Telx Computers designs, builds, and maintains a custom secure business network, in addition to providing secure network channels. This allows our managed services to be customized specific to the target industry, and provides the ability to scale the services as needed.

Aventura is home to a wide range of industries including healthcare, dining, retail, and more. More specifically our IT services have helped law firms, the healthcare industry, and suppliers in the retail space improve their IT infrastructure and increase efficiencies. Each industry needed specific solutions, and here is how we helped them.

Law Firms & Network Security

Law firms often find themselves with sensitive materials and information. For them, there is no greater need than network security. It is for this reason Telx Computers has partnered with elite firewall providers, such as SonicWall and WebRoot. Even the most sophisticated online threats cannot penetrate our firewalls – keeping workstations and servers protected at all times.
Law firms don’t joke around when it comes to the law, and we don’t joke around when it comes to network security. Telx Computers continues to offer high-end security and network IT support to Aventura law firms that need to keep their information secure.

Microsoft Dynamics for Suppliers

As home to the second most trafficked mall in the U.S., Aventura relies heavily on IT solutions to keep “business as usual.” For retail suppliers, tracking and managing every transaction is best suited for a computer. However, without an adequate setup a business can quickly find themselves in a huge mess.

Telx Computers met this demand for IT services from Aventura based retailers by implementing solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics. Employing a CRM, like Microsoft Dynamics, helps to improve customer care and relations while increasing business productivity. We also pride ourselves in being a one-stop shop for all Aventura IT service and support needs, including tech support on every device we sell.

Windows Servers for Healthcare

In the healthcare industry, a minute or two can make the crucial difference for a patience’s life. Same can be said toward neglecting early detection warnings or lacking prompt repairs for network or server issues. Within the healthcare industry, neglecting anything regarding IT can lead to massive issues. When it comes to Telx’s healthcare clients in Aventura, our IT solutions have been built specific for them.

Every day hospital and healthcare systems increase in size. From a systems access POV, this means a multitude of unique profiles. Managing a Microsoft Active Directory within the healthcare environment can turn into a fairly complex task. And with stringent HIPAA and HITECH guidelines, as well as an increased reliance on IT systems, healthcare organizations must do everything they can to ensure a clean, current, and secured Active Directory.

We have encountered instances where one facility adheres to different policies than the next. In these cases we develop site-specific profiles. The more services offered, the more varied the profiles become. Telx Computers has developed around the ability to seamlessly handle all potential network or server disturbances, preventing any disruption to workflows. This is part of our Preventative Care Program.

Final Thoughts

In order to run a successful company in Aventura FL, you need to wake up every morning and commit yourself to the vision of success. Realizing this vision takes time, hard work, dedication, and aligning all the needed elements.

Understanding our client’s vision paves the way for us to leverage which technology solutions are going to work best to meet the business’s needs.

Telx Computers believes in developing proactive, long-term relationships with our clients. To discover how our IT services and solutions can help your Aventura business, simply request a free consultation.

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