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South Florida’s economy is largely based on International Trade and Tourism, a number of companies are based in the area, many with connections to Latin America. Telx Computers is on the top IT Companies in Miami is best known for business computer support services as well as computer repair plans and network support. Because of its proximity to Latin America, Miami & South Florida serves headquarters of Latin American operations for more than 1,100 multinational corporations including some of the biggest IT companies in the world including Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, SBC Communications, Sony, and Wal-Mart.


What your staff needs to know for IoT

The city of Kansas City, Mo., stepped into new territory in May when it launched its first streetcar line with public Wi-Fi that spreads across two square miles, covering more than 50 square blocks. It also marked the debut of...

Outsourced IT Services in Miami

As a leader in the IT industry Telx Computer has been providing high level outsourced it services throughout Miami FL for nearly a decade. Our outsourcing services has helped expand our clients IT capabilities as needed with...

Becoming Data Driven

  1. Every Company is a Data Company. The realm of data is no longer an abstract concept relevant only to the tech industry, it has become inextricably linked with every facet of the global economy – many economic...

What Outsourcing Sales Does for a Business

Sales outsourcing is a strategy used by businesses that involves hiring a third-party company to take care of its sales needs. This is excellent for small- to mid-size businesses because it lowers costs, improves company focus,...

Computer Security: Three Essentials

Computers and smartphones are integral to almost everyone’s lives, and they are an important part of businesses today; so it is vital that steps are taken to protect valuable data and other information. Whenever a connection to ...

Technology Solutions that Will Ensure Business Growth.

As the technology field continues to develop, more and more small businesses are taking advantage of the improved technology. According to an SMB Routes to Market Study, 85% of small businesses planning to increase their...

Miami is the Most Important Tech Hub of Latin America

Entrepreneurs and investors are trying to make Miami and South Florida the next big U.S. tech hub – but, it may take a while. (more…)

Windows Unveils Microsoft Edge.

For many people, Internet Explorer has become largely obsolete, despite being the default web browser for years. Microsoft just recently announced a new operating system to replace Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – which...

What is a Managed Service Provider?

An IT managed service provider (MSP) is a third-party contractor that delivers network-based services, applications and equipment to enterprises, residences or other service providers. When a company subscribes to a managed...

Computer support Miami facility launches an online store

Telx Computers is a Miami IT services company which specializes in providing large companies and small businesses alike with exceptional information technology (IT) service and repair. Since 2002, Telx Computers has been voted...