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5 Technology Solutions That Will Ensure Business Growth | Miami Managed Service Providers

5 Technology Solutions That Will Ensure Business Growth | Miami Managed Service Providers

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As the technology field continues to develop, more and more small businesses are taking advantage of the improved technology. According to an SMB Routes to Market Study, 85% of small businesses planning to increase their technology investments are more likely to anticipate higher revenue. Here are some of the latest ways small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are using technology to solve common problems:

1. Mobile Application

Most small businesses are constantly on the go, and do not have time to sit in front of their desktops and update information.

With the proliferation of smartphone devices, internet access is now ubiquitous. Over 94% of small business users believe mobile devices make them more efficient, said a recent report from the Mobility Edge, CDW. Smartphones are far and away the most popular device for small businesses, while tablet use is growing. Square is a mobile-payment device that attaches to a smartphone to accept credit card payments on the go.


2. Analytics

Analytics is a tool that takes measurements of your business. It helps break down marketing campaigns into bite-size chunks, as well as determine where traffic is going.

“Companies that figure out how to harness and turn data into insights most effectively will gain huge competitive advantages,” said the SMB study. There are several analytics programs that help users track web traffic.


3. Cloud Storage

Businesses that lack IT resources are turning to Cloud-based web solutions to fulfill common tech problems. 52% of small and medium-sized businesses are adopting cloud services to outsource IT tasks like data storage, said the SMB study. For instance, Apple’s iCloud allows users to backup media and personal files. Dropbox facilitates file and photo sharing across multiple devices.


4. Mobile Security

Mobile security is a growing problem, especially as most devices to not have sufficient encryption or verification technologies. Furthermore, lost and stolen devices are becoming a top mobile security concern.

Securing mobile devices with encryption or data-wiping technology prevents thieves from accessing sensitive business data. New apps allows users to remotely lock, wipe and locate their devices.


5. Web Teleconferencing

In the modern workplace, employees may be scattered all over the world; from telecommuting to far-flung locales – it’s important to have the technology to connect face to face.

Web-based teleconferencing services let large groups make video and voice connections, without special equipment, or additional hardware.

As technology continues to develop, small and medium-sized businesses will continue to benefit from the growing networks of mobile and social media connections.