The importance of security policies in the work place.


Security is one of those things that frequently gets forgotten about in most networks, this is because you never have to think about it until something has happened. It is very important to have an EAP (Emergency Action Plan) for when network breaches and security compromises happen. The truth of the matter is most companies do not even have an EAP for their network, this can be a fatal flaw when you are dealing with any sensitive information. On top of an EAP you also need to have security policies in place to ensure the system integrity. This article will just be a general guideline on basic security policies.

The first thing that one must do to ensure that their computer network is secure is to set up some type of classification system. As I am prior service I like to stick to Top Secret, Secret, Confidential scheme. Users who do not need to know information should not be granted the ability to see the information, this goes for personal logins with your administrators as well. Nobody should ever have absolute power on the account that they login into on a frequent basis, this way if your user account gets compromised all you have to do is get the data from the account and create another one instead of your entire system potentially getting infected.

After you have set up your classification system for data and your user groups to who can access that data, you will want to set up your EAP. The fact is you cannot completely protect your computer from every security threat that there is and still keep up with performance and usability, so with that being said we plan on having a security breach but if you make sure that your network design is well thought out a security breach can be solved sometimes as easy as applying a patch. I definitely recommend contacting Telx IT Miami Services for assistance putting together a good EAP and security policies. Security is definitely the unsung hero of IT, you never know how much you need it until someone compromises your system costing you hours of work or worse uses the information that you have for their own malicious intent.