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According to Stephanie Faris, a small business computer expert, despite growing similarities between computers, significant differences still exist: “Even today, as tablets and smartphones have revolutionized the marketplace, there are still definite differences between various brands. Operating system is important, but do consumers keep hardware manufacturers in mind when shopping for new devices? Many small business owners say they do.  Hank Coleman, of Money Q and A, furthers this point:  “I’m simply not happy with the level of technology innovation and subsequent customer service from lesser-known brands,” Hank Coleman of Money Q and A says. “There is a trade-off that consumers must make between price and quality.” Make sure you make the best computer choice for 2016:

Although Artificial Intelligence is still along ways off from duplicating the human intellect, there has been some major strides this past year in machine learning software that can gain abilities from experience. Industries as diverse as biotech to computing have used these technologies to solve problems and develop new products.