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Sending and Storing Large Files Made Simple | IT Service

Sending and Storing Large Files Made Simple | IT Service

Offices have changed quite dramatically in modern times. Some businesses conduct so much of their business through cyber space, that, apart from needing an official business mailing address, they barely require physical premises from which to operate. In the past, offices had to be big and spacious. There were many physical items that took up large amounts of room. Computers were big and heavy, and huge amounts of paperwork had to be stored somewhere. Invoices, contracts, tax returns and other documents all had to be kept safe for several years in storage units. These days, virtually anything can be done electronically. Invoices can be generated and sent electronically, bank statements can be viewed on line instead of being mailed out, and many businesses files their taxes electronically.

Telx Computers, one of the industry leaders in computer repairs in Miami, announces a new file transfer service, which makes it cost effective and easy for companies to send and store large files. There are many file sending, sharing and storage services available, but most of them end up being quite costly. Also, there is sometimes a concern over the security of sent and stored files. With Telx SendIt, a company is able to use one service to meet all their needs. Files can be stored safely, within a link that will never expire, and is protected by a password. Because links never expire, files can be stored indefinitely and sent, easily, at any time, to any email address. This makes it exceptionally easy and efficient for companies to share a particular file over and over again. With Telx SendIt, companies can also upgrade to “Business Class”, which includes online tracking, access control, and security features. Files and folders can also be synced to any mobile device for easy offline access. These days, certain documents can even be signed on line, using various smartphones and tablets. Telx Computers is one of the most highly respected IT companies in Miami because it understands the complex IT needs of today’s businesses. With their dedicated servers, that are monitored around the clock, Telx Computers experts ensure that any potential problems get stopped and fixed before a client is even aware of them. This means that busy customers are going to need to make fewer calls to Miami IT services; they can simply get on with growing their businesses without worrying that their computer systems are going to fail. Using cloud-based servers for storage and sharing is ideal for any company size, from a single proprietor to a large multinational company. Telx Computers is known locally for being a popular and successful IT company in Miami that keeps growing and adapting to the IT needs of modern businesses.

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