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Make Sure You Keep Microsoft Word Updated (Hint: It’s for Security)

Make Sure You Keep Microsoft Word Updated (Hint: It’s for Security)

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Microsoft Word is a staple business application. But since so many people use it on a daily basis, hackers work tirelessly to expose and exploit flaws in the system. Just recently, cybercriminals stumbled upon a Word vulnerability that puts your sensitive data at risk. Read on to learn more about the exploit and what you can do about it.

The attack

On April 10, cyber security firm Proofpoint discovered scammers running email campaigns to trick people into clicking on malware-ridden Word attachments. The fraudulent emails, titled “Data Scan,” included attached documents that were named “Scan,” followed by randomized digits.

Although the emails seem harmless, clicking on the documents triggers a download for Dridex malware, a Trojan virus designed to give hackers direct access to your banking information. From there, they can simply log in to your online account and make unauthorized transactions under your name.

In 2015, the distribution of Dridex allowed cybercriminals to steal approximately $25 million from European accounts, and if your business fell victim to this malware, there’s a strong possibility that your company will be unable to recover from the loss.

The Solution

Fortunately, two days after the discovery of the bug, Microsoft released a security update to disable the dangerous documents, urging users to install the patch as soon as possible. Although Dridex quickly recovered from the incident, employees continue to be the largest vulnerability to companies.

To avoid a situation like this happening at your company, it is important that you take adequate safety measures to protect yourself. You can always rely on a trusted managed services provider like Telx Computers in Miami to protect yourself from malicious attacks. Our Miami IT Services can secure and update your systems regularly, as well as train your staff in ways to mitigate online risks. Call 1-800-698-3594 today for more information.