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Improve Boot Time with Tips From Our Nerds | IT Services

Improve Boot Time with Tips From Our Nerds | IT Services

Is your PC taking a long to start up, and when it starts does it show some applications that are opening up not even when you instructed for them. Here we provide you with some of the tips that should be adopted by your side to improve the boot time of your systems

Turning off startup programs:

For turning off some of the unwanted programs that pop up as soon as you start the computer the below mentioned simple procedure can be followed which will avoid the unnecessary popping up of programs and will also increase the speed of the computer and also restrain your access to those programs. The steps are:

• Go to the “START” button and click on “RUN” option. After this type “misconfig” in the window that appears in front of you.As soon as you press enter another window appears.

• In the second screen click on “startup” button, and then disable or uncheck the program that you wish not to appear when you start with your windows.

• After this the system will be required to be restarted and you will notice that the unwanted programs that were appearing earlier are not popping up again.

Clean up:

A tip that is most commonly adopted and is suggested is to clean up the unwanted files from the computer. The best tool that can be downloaded for free through the internet is CCleaner. Other than cleaning up the system and increasing the boot time it also helps by making the system more secure.

Once you have downloaded the software you just need to follow the below mentioned steps:

• For this go to the “RUN” option and type ccleaner.exe. In the second screen that appears just click OK and it deletes all the unwanted files from the system.

• It mainly clears Temporary files, history, cookies, Auto complete form history, download history, Recycle Bin, Temporary files and Log files from internet explorer, Firefox, chrome, opera, safari, and windows.

Performing Disk cleanup:

Disk cleanup is a program that is present in most of the operating system. We just need to follow some easy step to get it into use so as to improve the boot time of a system. For performing this operation follow the following mentioned steps:

• Go to the “START” then to “programs” followed by clicking on “accessories” >> “system tool” and finally on the disk cleanup icon that appears.

• After this the system automatically starts the cleanup procedure. At the start of the procedure a screen appears that show the locations from where the extra files will be removed.

• If you want the clean up for some selected location just uncheck the block corresponding to the section you don’t want to have clean up for.

This procedure will definitely not provide you with a completely new system but will definitely reduce some of your seconds that were consumed by it at the time of startup.

Removal of programs:

Another method that is suggested most commonly to enhance the boot up is: removal of the unwanted programs from the computer. Some time while installing some software we accidentally install some of the unwanted programs or we install some program that are no longer in our use. Uninstallation of such kind of program boosts the startup of the computer. Let has the look at the step followed to remove the unwanted program from the system.

• Start by clicking on “control panel” option that appears after you click on the “start” option. In the control panel window you can locate a program named “Add/remove programs”.

• As you will click on the “Add/remove programs” you will get a list of the programs that are present in your system.

• From this list one can easily detect the programs that will not be needed by them and what are just occupying memory.

• To remove the unwanted programs just go the particular program and click on “remove”. By this the selected program gets uninstalled from the system.

Above mentioned steps as some of the most commonly adopted ones to increase the boot time of system.

If by doing these still your computer does not start quickly that means there is some other problem for which you can always call computer repair technician from an IT company who can fix and address all issues so that you can have a fast and a efficient system as it was before.


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