Why using Hosted Exchange for Business?

Hosted Exchange for Reliable and Secure E-mailing

Hosted Exchange for Reliable and Secure E-mailing

Microsoft Exchange server is an e-mail based collaborative communications server that includes integrated collaborative messaging features that extend e-mail to include scheduling, contact management, folder sharing, and task management functionality. Companies are realizing that migrating from traditional e-mail solutions and using Hosted Exchange can not only help lower deployment costs, but also eliminate the support requirements that come with an in-house solution.

Microsoft Exchange is specially designed and developed to simplify corporate communications needs. It provides messaging as well as collaborative services to enhance the overall communication experience. Telx Computers is a computer support Miami company that uses a full-featured Hosted Exchange e-mail service that includes additional value-added services to secure and backup e-mail data and enable a business to collaborate Hosted Exchange.

From a strategic aspect, e-mail is a utility on par with having a dedicated phone number. Carrying the burden of deploying and managing this non-revenue generating system takes time and resources away from more strategic objectives. In order to deliver e-mail more efficiently and reliably, businesses should consider using Exchange through a hosted IT service provider. Hosted Exchange delivers big benefits around the organization but is even more beneficial for a business’s IT team.

Along with cost savings comes predictable, per-mailbox pricing that mitigates cost spikes for expanding systems to accommodate business growth, implementing upgrades, or extra measures needed to stay up and running instead of suffering downtime.

On top of savings of about three days of downtime per year, businesses also benefit from avoiding the disruption to companywide productivity that comes with unplanned downtime. The reliability benefit extends to the ability to go through other problems such as power outages without worrying about losing access to e-mail.

At Telx Computers, there is a team of e-mail experts behind a business’s messaging system to handle the admin tasks, spam/virus protection, backups, mobile and remote access, upgrades, and patches. That gives a business’s internal IT team more time to do the strategic work that generates revenue instead of dealing with the constant maintenance of the servers.

A migration to Exchange that could take months on-premises between procuring hardware, obtaining licenses, and setting up user accounts can be completed in a matter of days by an Exchange hosting provider. The e-mail data migration may mean moving from a completely different e-mail system. By guiding business through migration, the risk of data loss or extended downtime is mitigated. The computer IT support team at Telx Computers also has the experience to help proactively identify potential migration problems in advance of the switch to ensure clean, usable data in the new system.

Hosted Exchange is a business-grade e-mail solution. A hosting provider’s reputation is built on keeping e-mails secure and private. As a result, Hosted Exchange keeps a company’s data free from hackers and protects it with enterprise-grade spam and virus protection. Other security measures include data centers with video surveillance capabilities, multi-factor authentication, tracking and monitoring tools, and other capabilities to protect customer data. Hosting providers are able to consistently monitor e-mail to identify issues and react to threats before the business is impacted.

Hosting takes the hassle out of e-mail delivery. In a hosted system, it takes just a few clicks to add or reduce capacity. With the Hosted Exchange services offered by Miami IT services provider Telx Computers, businesses will receive improvements in productivity with powerful e-mail, calendar and online collaboration tools including information sharing among corporate colleagues.