5 Tips Before Fix Your Computer

Five things you should know before trying to fix your computer

Five things you should know before trying to fix your computer

Did your computer just got stuck, and you think you can fix it up on your own. Here are top five things that should be considered by you before you try to fix your own computer.


Try to keep back-up of all the data:


The most common problem that occurs with the computer is that with time they slow down, or they may be infected by downloading a file that is having virus. In such a situation it is advisable to format the system that restores it back to the previous setting. But then after formatting the user finds out that their music, videos or driver’s shows problem which is mainly because these files get deleted during formatting. To avoid such kind of problem it is advice to keep a back up files of the entire driver folder before going for formatting.


Remember the fact that you are not an IT professional:


Today computers are all around us; it is one of the most important electronic devices that are used by companies around the world. But then they also encounter some problem that hinders their operation. In such a situation even if you try everything in your capability you are not able to fix it. In such a situation remember that you are not a qualified IT professional. Just contact a computer repair service provider in your area that can help you by fixing your computer.


Better to operate the system in safe mode to fix the problem:


Safe mode allows the windows to load the internal system critical problems that interfere with the operating system. To reboot the system to the safe mode, restart the computer and as soon as the system is restates start tapping the F8 button. After taping the button two to three times a screen appears that provides the user with the facility to shift the system to the safe mode. One the problem has been fixed computer can be brought back into normal operation mode.


Differentiate the problem, before you try to fix it:


PC problems can be split into two areas, first area comprise of software problems which are the cause of many of the PC problem and the second category consist of hardware problems which usually don’t kick in until the PC is few years old. Before you try anything to fix the problem understand the cause of your problem otherwise you will do more harm other than fixing it.


Restarting the system is not always a solution:


The most common misconception people have is that by restarting their system they can fix the problem but then there is a possibility that it will just exaggerate their problem. Do keep a record of everything you do so that if there is need of an expert they can be made aware about what all was done before the problem occurred.