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Electronic Point-of-Sale Streamlines Business | IT Services

Electronic Point-of-Sale Streamlines Business | IT Services

Despite the digital age we now find ourselves in, rife with desktop, laptop, tablet, and smartphone computers, many small businesses still use mechanical cash registers and paper records at their point of sale, which, in comparison to companies using electronic, computer-based point of sale, is slow and ponderous. Electronic POS saves time, energy, and employee sanity by streamlining and consolidating sales tasks into one machine.

Telx Computers, a local Miami computer repair service and technical support provider, announced today that they have introduced three point-of-sale systems options for businesses in the Miami area. In addition to offering IT services, Telx has desktop computers, servers & digital storage units, surveillance systems, computer monitors, printers, and of course, fully-integrated point-of-sale systems available for sale.

Point-of-Sale has come a long way in the past 10 years. From being mostly hulking, expensive, buggy machines that only marginally helped business processes move along, they have become streamlined, low-maintenance processing machines that get their work done fast. Apple, for example, pioneered POS technology majorly with the introduction of iPod and iPad-based systems for taking payment. Telx also provides tech support for the machines they sell, making them a veritable one-stop shop for all IT services in Miami. Telx Computers offers three systems for small-to-large business use. The first is the TLPOS-3021, which comes with a cash drawer, receipt printer, labels printer, and barcode scanner. This model includes the QuickBooks POS Basic software, which is favorably reviewed on Amazon as being easy to use and set up. The second system that Telx sells is the TLPOS-3011, and this comes with the cash drawer, receipt printer, labels printer, and barcode scanner as well, and includes Microsoft Office 2003 Professional. The third and final system that Telx makes available is the TLPOS-3041, which includes the Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003 packages, but instead of Quickbooks, uses Aldelo For Restaurants Pro – making it an ideal choice for restaurant owners/managers.

Businesses requiring assistance or consultation from a reputable IT support company in Miami should contact Telx at http://telxcomputers.com/ toll free 1(800) 698-3594 or at their local phone number (305)935.3876.