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Computer support Miami facility launches an online store

Computer support Miami facility launches an online store

Telx Computer is a Miami IT services company which specializes in providing large companies and small businesses alike with exceptional information technology (IT) service and repair.

Since 2002, Telx Computers has been voted one of the top 10 IT companies in the nation. With their reputation as a trusted and reliable tech support Miami service company, Telx Computers executives decided to help both companies and consumers feel better prepared going into the new year with the latest computer advancements, which can be found on Telx Computer’s newly created web store.

Viewers can take advantage of the latest, highly advanced gadgets and security technology systems on the market today by simply pressing the SHOP ONLINE tab located on the Home page of the Telx Computers website.

Upon pressing the link, viewers will have their choice of:

  • HD computer monitors
  • Video surveillance systems
  • Intel Premium 4 processors
  • Intel Pentium and Core servers
  • printers

All equipment featured on the website is reasonably priced and top of the line quality. Once items are ordered online, shipment will only take a few days.
Shopping online saves consumers and employees time as a result of not having to make trips to different electronics store locations, searching for the right price, equipment etc.
Telx Computer’s online web store offers a variety of technology products to meet each company’s or consumer’s primary computer and surveillance needs.

About Telx Computers: Telx Computers, a Miami computer repair company, provides full-service informational technology (IT) services all year long, 24 hours a day for each day of the week.
Their mission: To maximize client IT effectiveness, reduce system downtime, manage information through remote monitoring, and minimize impact to service levels during scheduled system upgrades.

The highly acclaimed Miami computer services organization is one of the premier IT companies available for immediate help desk questions, computer repairs and remote support.

The highly-skilled IT staff is known for its expertise in developing resilient information infrastructures to eliminate glitches and ensure businesses run smoothly.
The Miami computer services company offers proactive, fixed-price IT support programs designed to maintain expenses associated to technology issues while providing network monitoring and support.

For more information, contact Telx Computers directly by calling 1-800-MY Telx 4 (698-3594) or use their LIVE CHAT button option on their website to speak with a live operator.
For non urgent questions or inquiries, simply click the CONTACT US link at the top of the website and fill out the form.