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An IT Support Company in Miami to Reach Highly Advanced Business Monitoring System

An IT Support Company in Miami to Reach Highly Advanced Business Monitoring System

The IT support company Miami based company is proud to introduce the latest high-tech network and server monitoring system better equipped in detecting and eliminating potential threats faster than ever before.


Telx computer, an IT support comapny understand computer malfunctions equal downtime for businesses. Therefore, early detection is the key in ensuring businesses are fully operational and running smoothly.


Small problems can, and often do, become bigger issues – unless treated within a reasonable time frame.


The Gold Membership network and server monitoring service ensures any major issues threatening to slow, or completely shut down company operations are handled within a timely manner.


24 hours a day and 7 days a week, trained technicians monitor business servicers and networks, tracking changes and updates as necessary to guarantee each client’s network is running smoothly.


Telx Computers IT Support company Miami staff also have the resources to quarantine viral threats and fix any service problem remotely, reducing the time it requires to repair issues and keeping businesses fully functional.


Everything is done behind the scenes. Therefore, company IT specialists can focus on their primary business operations.


Here are just a few of the areas Telx Computers monitor:


  • Events logs
  • CPU usage
  • Memory usage
  • Free disk space
  • Running services
  • Log files
  • Server and room temperature
  • SNMP object values
  • Running process(es)
  • Directory quotas
  • Changed files and directories
  • Performance and counter values
  • POP, IMAP and SMTP mail servers
  • Web page content and load times
  • Ping response times
  • TCP port response
  • Citrix monitoring


In addition to a high quality server and network monitoring system, the Telx Computers’ tech support Miami company also offers:


Hosted exchange services – setting up companies with Microsoft Exchange without the costs associated to it. Microsoft Exchange allows businesses to stay in touch in the office or remotely while traveling.


Telx Computer offers Hosted Exchange email service which offer additional security in backing up email data and enabling coworkers to communicate better.


Computer repair – when technical issues arise, Telx Computer IT specialists are available to fix them on site or remotely.


Security – Telx Computers offers a variety of different security options, especially in regards to business internet usage. Whether companies allow employee’s access to the world wide web or not, the internet will be used one way or another.


The Miami IT provider is able to track any potential viral threats and eliminate them before any significant damage is done.


To contact Telx Computers, call toll free: 1.800.MY TELX 4 (698.3594), Local: (305)935.3876 or visit