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Windows Unveils Microsoft Edge.

Windows Unveils Microsoft Edge.

For many people, Internet Explorer has become largely obsolete, despite being the default web browser for years. Microsoft just recently announced a new operating system to replace Internet Explorer – Microsoft Edge – which promises a fast, and modern web browsing experience for windows users. Microsoft went back to the drawing board and scrapped every vestige of internet explorer in order to create something completely original.

Edge is much faster than Internet Explorer, as the application has been streamlined for optimal responsivity. Edge comes with Windows 10 installed. Microsoft is determined to inspire confidence in its lackluster operating systems with the newest rendition. The days of unwanted task bars and constantly changing home screens are history. Microsoft assures users that sites that are optimized for Safari or Chrome will be compatible with Edge.

Open Edge, and you are greeted with a welcome page that asks, “where to next?” above a combined search and address bar. Below that are links to favorite websites, followed with a customized news and information feed, that can display personalized news articles, sports scores, and weather information based on your preferences.

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