Why should you have to always install new operating systems?

Why should you have to always install new operating systems?

Why should you have to always install
new operating systems?

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It seems to be par for the course. You have a computer and every couple of years you have to purchase and install a new operating system. Either that or throw away the obsolete hardware and buy a new computer with a … you guessed it, new different operating system. If you don’t do so then the big bad evil guys with their virus’s and malware and hackers will come into your computer and steal all your banking details and then take over your identity leaving you out in the gutter.


Ok, maybe it is not going to be that bad however, the general consensus is that when a new operating system is released then sooner or later support for the old one will be no longer available and you will have no choice but to go with the flow, bite the bullet, and get that new operating system.


There may be many reasons you would have to do so but the primary one is security from exploits available to compromise your system from unauthorized people who want to make money off of you. Forgetting of course the the software companies who want to make money off of you by selling new systems. I am looking hard at Microsoft and even harder at apple right about now.


Don’t just blame the proprietary people though. The worlds most popular open source based system is also to blame. Not to mention any names….Android! Most Linux distributions also follow the same tired old pony. Release an operating system, some time later release a new operating system and let the customers go through the motions of backing up data (What! You don’t have backups?), install yet another operating system, reload all their backups and reconfigure the new operating system so it works somewhat like the old one.


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