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Watch Out for Ransomware!

Watch Out for Ransomware!

Ransomware often targets businesses (for example hospitals) rather than individuals. Corporations have more valuable data and more money for ransom (ransom increases from roughly $500 per computer to $15,000 for the entire enterprise). Cyphort has examined different variants of ransomware to help users get an idea of what might be coming down the Internet pipeline. Keep an eye out for these characteristics before your network is taken hostage:

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Deleting files at regular intervals to increase the urgency to pay ransom faster, Jigsaw ransomware operates like this: for every hour that passes in which victims have not paid the ransom, another encrypted file is deleted from the computer making it unrecoverable even if the ransom is paid or files decrypted via another method. The malware also deletes an extra 1,000 files every time victims restart their computers and log into Windows.


Encrypting entire drives, Petya ransomeware encrypts Master File Table. This table contains all the information about how files and folders are allocated.


Instead of going after a company’s computers, RansomWeb takes a road less traveled: they infect web servers through vulnerabilities and encrypt website databases and hosted files, making the website unusable until ransom is paid.

Cloud Malware

Deleting or overwriting cloud backups: In the past, backing up your data to cloud storage and file shares was safe. However, newer versions of ransomware have been able to traverse to those shared file systems making them susceptible to the attack.


Using the computer speaker to speak audio messages to the victim, Cerber ransomware generates a VBScript, entitled “# DECRYPT MY FILES # .VBS,” which allows the computer to speak the ransom message to the victim. The decryptor website says, “Attention! Attention! Attention!” “Your documents, photos, databases and other important files have been encrypted!”


Ransomware as a service is a model offered on underground forums networks. It will provide the malicious code and infrastructure to facilitate the transfer of funds and the encryption key for the victim to be able to access their information. Tox ransomware does this.

Be Proactive and Preventative

The best way to disarm ransomware is by taking appropriate preventative measures to safeguard your data; Don’t allow redirects; don’t open emails from those you do not know; stay away from web browsers that have not been updated, such as Internet Explorer; and do not download files that you do not know the source of (e.g., an “exe. File”).

A proactive way to protect your data is to hire a remote management service that will secure your servers and enable effective firewalls. Telx Computers is one of the top IT companies in Miami, specializing in protecting your data. Our systems can detect invasive software far before it lands in your computer. Don’t let Ransomware happen to your organization.