Server Availability and Redundancy


In today’s world it is important to keep your business running 24/7. Down time can drastically affect customers, finances and the overall reputation of the business. With the cost of computer equipment dropping it is a wise idea to have multiple servers on the network for a few reason. The first and most important reason multiple servers or clusters are recommended is fault protection. In case of disaster whether it is natural or man-made, equipment failure and having to take a server offline for maintenance in a 2 server environment both servers would replicate data to each other. With data replication when one server fails the other one picks up the jobs/rolls.

Load balancing is also a reason for multiple servers. While they are powerful machines they too have issues with handling heavy traffic and multiple extensive application process’s. Placing multiple servers on your network and assigning different roles is a good way to balance the load. Say for example server one runs your remote apps server 2 is a fileserver storing all the user’s data and server 3 runs your active directory domain controller this would be an example of load balancing. Proper load balancing has the ability to manage heavy increases of traffic; it can also provide security by preventing the users from contacting the back end of the network.

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