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PC Repair Contracts Save Money and Time

PC Repair Contracts Save Money and Time

A PC Support contract is a long- or short-term contract that is designed to ensure ongoing technical support for a company’s technological assets. This ensures that technical problems can be dealt with quickly and efficiently by someone who is familiar with systems.

TelX Computers, offers remote and onsite computer repair services for business located in Miami including (Brickell, Miami Gardens, Hollywood, Pembroke Pines, Hialeah, Miami Beach, Miami Lakes, Miami Spring and Miramar)  announced today that they now provide repair contracts services which cover all types of computer support, from small virus issues and software malfunction to hardware repair and network maintenance.

The two primary Information Technology Services are provided by Telx Computer are: Help Desk, and On-the-Spot Support. Help desk Service over the phone can help solve software issues, and is faster and cheaper than calling an onsite technician. As an added benefit, Telx’s help desk service is available 24/7 to troubleshoot software-related issues.

On-the-Spot support is the deployment of a computer repair technician to a location, when a problem can’t be resolved over the phone. This is usually for hardware issues and computer repairs, and Telx Computer’s technicians come equipped to fix the most common hardware issues on the spot.

In addition to on-the-spot and help desk support, Telx also provides remote desktop support, which is a remote link between computers that technicians can use to control the client’s computer and show them how to resolve problems, or resolve it themselves.

Proactive support is also practiced readily by Telx, such as employing preventative antivirus software and firewalls that shield against hacker attacks and network penetration. Telx is
Telx Computers provides pricing and more information toll-free at 1(800) 698-3594 and is available for live-chat on their website. Telx also provides tech support alongside the sale of new systems, which they also support fully.

Because e-mail is one of the most important and used tools for communication in business today, larger companies find it necessary to have a robust and proprietary e-mail system. Down time, delays, or network intrusions can be costly, so having a Microsoft Exchange server dedicated to an individual company can help prevent, and resolve, many issues more quickly. Telx not only provides, but also supports large systems of this sort.