New Computer Technology Boots PCs in Seconds Flat


New Computer Technology Boots in Seconds!

The next generation of home computers will be able to boot up in just a few seconds, as 25-year-old BIOS technology makes way for new start-up technology known as UEFI. BIOS technology, which has been used in computers since 1979, was never designed to last as long as it has, and is one of the reasons modern computers take so long to get up and running.

UEIF-Taking The Computer World By Storm!new computer technology

By contrast, UEFI – which stands for Unified Extensible Firmware Interface – has been built to meet modern computing needs, and will soon be the pre-eminent technology in many new computers, enabling them to go from ‘off’ to ‘on’ in seconds. “It’s not quite instant-on, but it is already a lot better than conventional BIOS can manage.” BIOS technology has barely changed since the early days of mass computing, and the system struggles to cope with modern computing evolutions, such as USB-connected keyboards or flash drives.