Was Microsoft Right? Apple Plays catch up with new iPad Pro

Was Microsoft Right? Apple Plays catch up with new iPad Pro

Its September again, Apple fans – so get ready for all the new Apple devices to hit the market. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll notice that Apple has included the new iPad Pro in its lineup, finally acknowledging the demand for more productive accessories – a fact that Windows has championed all along.

That’s not to say that the traditional laptop will leave the scene – but the iPad Pro proves that the Surface has a definitive place in today’s market.

Although the iPad Pro’s apps will not be the same as those you can get on a laptop, Apple says you can do the same type of things, just with a different interface:

  • The bulk of the Pro’s announcement was devoted to productivity, image manipulation and video editing, not games, movies and reading. Apple even brought Microsoft itself onstage to demo Office.
  • Performance numbers were compared against laptops and desktops, not other tablets.
  • Though Apple specified touch was the primary way of interacting with the iPad, the stylus and keyboard were shown off to suggest desktop-like accuracy and precision.
  • iOS 9 introduces features you’d expect from a desktop, like multi-window support and other multi-tasking improvements. These features apply to the iPad Air as well, but Apple clearly had the Pro in mind when designing them.
  • When was the last time you even considered editing three 4k videos simultaneously? Who cares – Apple made sure you knew that with the iPad Pro, you can.


Although, it may be easy to make fun of Apple for essentially copying Microsoft, ultimately, the competition between the two tech giants will level the playing field for other entrants and better hardware for users.

The iPad Pro is Apple’s concession to Microsoft’s Surface. Nevertheless, Apple’s debut into functional tablets will better tablets for all users.