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Go Paperless for a Strong Business | IT Services Miami

Go Paperless for a Strong Business | IT Services Miami

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With the ongoing degradation of the environment, opting for a paperless environment is a smart decision. Resources are diminishing and choosing to go with hard copies could be a poor choice from an economic perspective.

There are more reasons to go paperless than just the environment. For instance, it is much more productive to not have to deal with paper – especially if you lose an important document when you are under pressure to meet an important deadline. Furthermore, you will not have to be concerned about storage space.

Can You Go 100% Paperless?

The idea of a 100% paperless office is excellent, but at the same time, it is slightly impractical. While we might get to a completely paperless eventually, however, some paper is still necessary for the office.

Some industries need to have physical contracts in hand, while others need hard copies of proposals and mock-up to give to clients at meetings. Of course, there are also the employees who feel that they develop ideas when they can just write down small details on strips of paper.

So, a paperless office in its strictest sense might not be the most practical option at present. But, that being said, minimizing the amount of paper in your office offers some definite benefits.

Easy Tips for Creating a Paperless Office

The easiest way to streamline the route to a paperless office is to put the project in the hands of a top IT support company. This way, you can easily switch to file-sharing systems like cloud services (which discourage printing) and be sure that you won’t end up minimizing the productivity boost that comes with going paperless.

Here are some tips for going paperless:

1. Make Printing Inconvenient

The move to a completely paperless office is not going to happen overnight, and you might find that the habit of printing various documents out might be a difficult habit to break in some of your employees.

Here is one of the ways to limit the amount of printers available around the office; if your employees have printers on their desks, remove them. This will mean that your staff members will have to get up to retrieve printed documents, causing them to think harder before they hit the print button. And, to add effort to the process, you could move the printers away from the central points of your offices, making them even harder to access.

2. Scan Your Documents and Contracts

If you have a storeroom full of old contracts and documents, you need to digitalize those hard copies. If you have a decent scanner, this won’t be difficult. It might require a concerted effort and some time set aside, but it is necessary to make the move to a paperless office.

If you don’t have a scanner, don’t worry you can still accomplish this task without one. There are numerous apps that essentially turn a smartphone into a scanner. These mobile scanning apps have the same functionality necessary for your general scanning needs.

3. Use Digital Signatures

According to the E-Sign Act in 2000, electronic signatures are just as valid legally as handwritten signatures. So, instead of printing out pages in order to sign them, use electronic signatures.

Going Paperless Can Improve Your Bottom Line

If you were heavily reliant on paper, the transition to a paperless office will not happen spontaneously. Like most things, reaching your goal will take a series of successive steps. But, the end goal will be improved economy and efficiency for your company.

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