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Having a reliable network for your company to operate from is vital for your business. We design, build, and maintain custom secure business networks as well as provide all secure network channels. Our managed services can be customized to your specific industry. Here are a few examples of the types of industries that we work with:


The finance industry has many requirements, such as: compliance, audits, security, and customer service. The financial services industry is becoming completely reliant on IT. However, outsourcing your financial organization gives a competitive advantage. Many of our clients in Brickell are Fortune 500 finance companies.
Some of the benefits of outsourcing your IT are: faster and more agile customer experience, diminishing risks of data loss or potential lawsuits resulting therein, scalability, regulatory compliance, employee reporting and efficiency, and most importantly, increased customer satisfaction and retention.

Another benefit we offer financial institutions is mobile device management (MDM). Mobile security is paramount for financial services. With our systems, you will be able to see all the mobile devices accessing your corporate network or data and allow you determine security policy and settings over the air (OTA). Our systems will ensure that all mobile systems are compliant with corporate email and data security policies as well be able to remotely lock or wipe devices.

Our systems employ the latest security measures to ensure FDIC compliance concerning perimeter security and internal security. Perimeter security means any branch with internet access needs a managed firewall and IDPS. Using a dedicated circuit for interbank connectivity is best practice, but not required. The other focus is internal security which required an internal host based IDPS (Intrusion Detection Prevention System) functionality, event log management with daily audits and data loss protection for any device that leaves the building with personally identifiable information (PII).

Choosing a managed service provider ensures a proactive approach to security. All systems are systematically reviewed to meet audit requirements, expediting audit procedure and increasing productivity. With due diligence, managed security prevents data loss and reduced network liability.
With the stringent standards that financial institutions are held to, they should only consider technology partners that meet the most demanding requirements.


It might sound redundant to hire a technology firm if you are already one, but in actuality, it can be the key difference between being able to focus on profitable projects and wasting time on low-priority IT issues. Hire Telx Computers to focus on the minutiae, so you can focus on being profitable.

Enhanced security is one of the main reasons IT companies decide to work with us. With cybersecurity threats rising daily, we can offer state-of-the-art technologies and seasoned security professionals at affordable prices. Turning over your organization’s security to an outside firm might seem counterintuitive, but as our current clients attest, we will bring better security at a lower cost. Our company is full of security experts, with backgrounds in cybersecurity and experience with industries facing similar risks and challenges.


Lawyers can attest, “time is money.” When your associates can focus on billable hours over trying to manage their software. We are familiar with common legal applications, such as: Abacus, Amicus, and Timeslips, and can guarantee continuous uptime for your network. Did we mention security? At Telx Computers, we pride ourselves on having redundant security measures, so you can rest assured that your data is safe with us.

In order to run a successful company, you need to wake up every morning and dedicate yourself to your vision of achieving success. Realizing your vision takes hard work, a lot of dedication, and ensuring all aspects of your business align properly. Once we understand your vision, we can help you leverage technology strategically to achieve that outcome, while saving you both time and resources. We believe in developing proactive, long-term relationships with all clients; to help refine the steps, allowing your vision to become a reality sooner. To discover how our IT consulting services can help your business, simply request a free consultation.


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