11 Benefits from our Fort Lauderdale IT Services

11 Benefits from our Fort Lauderdale IT Services

Information Technology Systems (IT) are expected to meet high operational standards, in addition to 24/7 uptime, security, and performance benchmarks. In today’s world, you have to keep pace with the constant changes in IT, performance demands, and pressure to deliver competitive IT functionality. To meet these challenges, many organizations consider outsourcing their Fort Lauderdale IT services as an attractive option.

What is a Managed Services Provider?

Managed Services Provider (MSP) lets you outsource specific IT operations to them. The MSP is responsible for monitoring, managing and/or full-scale problem resolution for you IT systems. This includes everything from virus and software updates to inventory auditing and control.11 Benefits for Fort Lauderdale IT Services Basic services often start with a monitoring service that notifies you of the problems, but does not solve them for you. More comprehensive services cover everything from monitoring to resolution of issues.

Prior to the advent and popularity of managed services, most businesses relied upon an “its-broken/fix-it model”, a reactive IT model that would mask larger issues for quick solutions. Businesses that relied on this method would invariably experience longer down-times when dormant issues surfaced, creating financial and business setbacks. With managed services, maintenance is proactive; ensuring better uptime and faster response to crises. MSPs act as an extension of your IT department, taking care of routine IT infrastructure monitoring and management around the clock and freeing up your IT staff to focus on more important projects. An MSP proactively monitors and maintains your systems in order to prevent problems and downtime.

Outsourced IT services are inherently scalable, giving you the power to decide how much you want your provider to manage, versus how much you want to handle yourself. Additionally, the monthly MSP subscription model gives you budgetary predictability.
Telx Computers also offers several advantages to businesses in the Fort Lauderdale area.

Managed services extends far beyond mere technical service. Here are some of the advantages of working with Telx Computers:

1. On Site Technician Support: When remote support teams are not able to resolve the situation, Telx can reschedule an onsite visit with one of our IT staff. 5 hours monthly are included within your IT support package.

2. E-mail Support / Unlimited: Our IT team is available 24/7 through our email system, providing nonstop support for issue resolution.

3. Phone Support: If you prefer to talk to someone right away? No problem, our engineers are available in our call enter to work on the solutions. We do not limit you for hours. Call every day, we are here!

4. Remote Support: Our fastest and most secure way to connect to your workstations in just 2 minutes of your time.

5. Service Ticket Submission: Service ticket submission is easy, just logon to TelxComputers.com and click on “Support Ticket” on the top right corner, enter your information, and our IT staff will contact you to resolve the issue.

6. Proactive Support: Telx Computers offers proactive support maintenance to make sure we get the problem BEFORE it gets to you. Therefore, we actively monitor your server and network to help minimize your down time.

7. MS Office Training & Troubleshooting: Telx is a Microsoft Gold Partner and Office specialist, we will troubleshoot any Microsoft office product you have or answer any questions about your office products.

8. Domain & E-Mail Hosting: We offer, included in your IT support Miami package, one FREE domain and POP email server hosted. Our mail servers are secured with the latest spam control and anti-virus daily scans, to make sure the emails will get to you clean and spam free.

9. Server & Workstations Virus Update: Anti viruses are very important to be updated frequently, as new viruses are constantly being introduced in the internet.

10. Servers Monthly Check up & Maintenance: Every month, one of our engineers will physically connect to your server and make sure that it is secure, and that your hardware and software are running with no errors. We will also optimize your dick space, so that your business can run smoothly.

11. Nights and Weekend Emergency Support: After hours support is available through our automated phone system. Simply press 1, and you will be directed to our after-hours support technician who will assist you in case of an emergency (after-hours rate may apply).

MSPs have become a viable long-term solution to many organizations and can be an integral part of any business strategy. If you are interested in obtaining the benefits of a MSP, click here to see how Telx Computers can tailor a solution for your IT needs.