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Miami Computer Repairs: Telx Computers

Providing Professional Miami Computer Repair Services

With the recent advancement in the field of communication it is necessary for all the businesses to utilize the latest technologies that have been introduced for maintaining a proper and swift operation of the organization. The computer repair services offered by Telx Computers can be categories into three categories:
    • Hosted Exchange: E-mails are one of the most important and universally accepted tools that businesses have. It is necessary to have a robust Email system; otherwise downtime or delays can prove to be very costly. Hosted Microsoft exchange server is a system that is accessible through all the mailing devices whether it is a computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phones. It makes a company more productive by enabling it to sync not only E- mails but can also be used for syncing calendar, task and contacts between all the devices, which make it easy for the user to work from anywhere.


    • IT service : The various IT services offered by Telx comprises of providing high end and efficiently working servers, protecting the system from any kind of Spam or viruses, providing sophisticated data storage solutions, proper maintenance of the computer system to avoid occurrence of any kind of crash, safe and secure recovery of the lost or corrupted data.


  • Security: To ensure the proper working of the organization Telx computer offers Security camera services for both small and mid-sized businesses to help them in keeping a record of the proper working of the employee.
Telx Computers has been offering the complete package of services comprising of both key IT and computer related services that help in controlling the cost, improves the efficiency and helps our client to concentrate on their businesses.
Some of our Miami computer repair services offered are enlisted below:
Data Recovery
We are the wold leader in Data Recovery Service. Offering the fastest, most convenient and cost-effective solutions to clients who have experienced data loss.
Free Estimate
We provide free estimates for all types of work. We welcome requests regarding to any questions or concern.
Data Storage
Our team of experts will provide you with the best solution to backup your data. Whether you need a USB Flash Card, Hard Drive utilities, or a server, we have it all.
Use the latest technology to track your store’s transactions, inventory, and clients. Ask us about our technologically advanced Point of Sale systems.
Spam Protection
Our e-mails are personal. Unfortunately, different advertising companies send us unnecessary advertising to our e-mail boxes without our permission and invades our privacy. Let us help you filter junk mail and protect your privacy.
Virus Protection
The first action your browser does as soon as you enter a web-site address is installing cookies on your computer. Cookies may carry pop-ups, ad-wares which can interrupt your computer usa-ge, and spyware that can record your movements online and store your personal information.
Thanks to our success, we can afford the latest, most advanced diagnostics and repair tools. Don’t buy new parts, let us repair every component in your computer and save you money.
Firewall Security
You are secured behind our firewalls. Our Computer Repair Technician will configure and install the latest most secured firewall systems on your computer to protect you from unwelcomed visitors.
On-Site Training
Our experienced team will train you or your employees to work with Microsoft Office from basic functions to advanced formulas.
Wireless Network
Solutions for your networking from wireless security to range boosting. We decide what fits you best and design your connectivity.
Security Cameras
Let us provide you with our la-test and dependable IP security cameras and recorders so you can be able to see your office or home from anywhere, anytime. Record up to one month of 24/7 worth of footage.
Our Hgih-end servers are powered by Microsoft Server edition and are built out of the best equipment to assure that you can sleep quietly, knowing you can depend on us.
Our technicians will provide you with reliable installations of your internet communication, DSL, Cable, T1, T3, or satellites. We know it all.
Computer Maintenance
Ask about our maintenance plan. We guarantee your computers running clean, fast, and secured.
Our technicians will pre-wire CAT5, CAT6 cables. Install outlet and RJ45 panels in your new or remodeled home/ office.
Too slow or too old? Consult with us on how to upgrade your computer and save you money.
Quick Response
We understand that you may need immediate assistance. That’s why we provide free remote online support for our existing customers.
Professional Assistance
Did not call us on time? We can handle it! Let us utilize our abilities to restore your information from a formatted, defected, virus infected, or malfunctioning drive. Our Technicians are well experienced and trained to work with every edition of Microsoft Windows and other various software.
A Network is capable of functions you couldn’t imagine. Let our professional technicians show you how to maximize the potential of your computer’s communication. Ask us about Microsoft Exchange and our other specialty software.
Mobility isn’t a problem! We have a large variety of laptops, notebooks, and tablet PC’s to fit your needs and budget.
Online Activity
Track your employee’s actions, information, and productivity. With the high-end technology of Microsoft Exchange & Domain, you can have full control on each computer and user.
Telx sells every kind of hardware and software in the computer market. We work with major distributors from all over the country and are able to supply components that no major retailer store sells.